Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use:

  • These terms of utilization (the " Terms of Use") administer your utilization of our site www.meatcircle.com (the " Website") and our "Meatcircle" application for versatile and handheld gadgets (the " App"). The Website and the App are mutually alluded to as the " Platform". It would be ideal if you read these Terms of Use cautiously before you utilize the administrations. On the off chance that you don't consent to these Terms of Use, you may not utilize the administrations on the Platform, and we demand you to uninstall the App. By introducing, downloading or even just utilizing the Platform, you will contract with Meatcircle and you imply your acknowledgment to the Terms of Use and other Meatcircle strategies (counting however not restricted to the Cancellation and Refund Policy, Privacy Policy) as posted on the Platform every once in a while, which produces results on the date on which you download, introduce or utilize the Services, and make a legitimately restricting course of action to maintain the equivalent.
  • The Platform is worked and possessed by Laxmi Shankar Services (OPC) Private Limited, an organization fused under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its enlisted office at Hiamyath nagar, Hyderabad.
  • These Terms of Use are dependent upon alterations whenever, We maintain whatever authority is needed to adjust or change these Terms of Use and other Meatcircle arrangements whenever by posting changes on the Platform, and you will be at risk to refresh yourself of such changes, assuming any, by getting to the progressions on the Platform. You will, consistently, be answerable for normally assessing the Terms of Use and the other Meatcircle arrangements and note the progressions made on the Platform. Your proceeded with use of the administrations after any change is posted comprises your acknowledgment of the revised Terms of Use and other Meatcircle arrangements. For whatever length of time that you conform to these Terms of Use, Meatcircle awards you an individual, non-select, non-transferable, constrained benefit to get to, enter, and utilize the Platform. By tolerating these Terms of Use, you additionally acknowledge and consent to be limited by different terms and conditions and Meatcircle strategies (counting yet not constrained to Cancellation and Refund Policy, Privacy Policy and Notice and Take Down Policy) as might be posted on the Platform every once in a while.

Account Registration & Use of our Platform:

  • You may get to the Platform by enrolling to make a record (" Meatcircle Account") and become a part (" Membership"); or (c) you can likewise enlist to join by signing into your record trough otp.The Membership is restricted for the reason and are dependent upon the terms, and carefully not transferable.
  • We will make your Meatcircle Account for your utilization of the Platform administrations dependent on the individual data you give to us or that we acquire by means of a SNS. You may just have one Meatcircle Account and not allowed to make various records. Whenever discovered, you having various records, Meatcircle claims authority to suspend such numerous record without being subject for any pay.
  • We maintain whatever authority is needed to suspend or end your Meatcircle Account and your entrance to the Services (I) if any data gave during the enlistment procedure or from there on ends up being off base, not present or deficient; (ii) on the off chance that it is accepted that your activities may cause lawful risk for you, different clients or us; as well as (iii) on the off chance that you are seen as rebellious with the Terms of Use.

Order Placing & Financial terms:

  • The Platform permits you to put in meat request appointments and we will, subject to the terms and conditions set out in this, empower conveyance of such request to you. As a general rule, all raw meat orders placed on the Platform are treated as confirmed.
  • Be that as it may, upon your effective finishing of booking a request, we may call you on the phone or versatile number gave to affirm the subtleties of the request, the cost to be paid and the evaluated conveyance time. For this reason, you will be required to impart certain data to us, including yet not constrained to (I) your first and last name (ii) portable number; and (iii) email address. It will be your sole duty to draw any off base subtleties out into the open.
  • Notwithstanding the previous, we may likewise reach you by telephone and/or email to advise and affirm any adjustment in the request, because of accessibility or inaccessibility or change in cost of the request. It would be ideal if you note change or affirmation of the request will be treated as last. It is explained that Meatcircle claims all authority to not to process your request in the occasion you are inaccessible on the telephone at the time we consider you for affirming the request and such occasion the arrangements of the retraction and discount strategy underneath will be material.
  • You consent to pay us for the aggregate sum for the request put by you on the Platform. We will gather the aggregate sum as per the terms and states of these Terms of Use and the valuing terms set out in the material menu posting. If it's not too much trouble note that we can't control any sum that might be charged to you by your bank identified with our assortment of the aggregate sum, and we repudiate all risk in such manner.
  • Regarding your request, you will be approached to give standard charging data, for example, name, charging address and Visa data either to us or our outsider installment processor. You consent to pay us for the request put by you on the Platform, as per these Terms, utilizing of the strategies depicted under condition VII (6) above. You thusly approve the assortment of such sums by charging the Visa gave as a component of mentioning the booking, either straightforwardly by us or by implication, by means of an outsider online installment processor or by one of the installment strategies depicted on the Platform. On the off chance that you are coordinated to our outsider installment processor, you might be liable to terms and conditions administering utilization of that outsider's assistance and that outsider's very own data assortment rehearses. If it's not too much trouble survey such terms and conditions and security arrangement before utilizing the Platform administrations. When your affirmed booking exchange is finished you will get an affirmation email summing up your affirmed booking.
  • The costs considered the Platform, including bundling or taking care of charges, are resolved exclusively by meatcircle and are recorded dependent on the data. Rarely, costs may change at the hour of putting request because of the circumstance. Costs on any product(s) as is pondered the Platform may because of some specialized issue, typographical mistake or item data might be inaccurately reflected and in such an occasion Meatcircle may drop such your order(s).

License & Site access:

  • We attempt to make the Platform accessible to during working hours. Be that as it may, we don't speak to that entrance to the Platform will be continuous, opportune, mistake free, liberated from infections or other hurtful segments or that such deformities will be revised.
  • We don't warrant that the Platform will be good with all equipment and programming which you may utilize. We will not be obligated for harm to, or infections or other code that may influence, any gear (counting yet not restricted to your cell phone), programming, information or other property because of your download, establishment, access to or utilization of the Platform or your getting any material from, or because of utilizing, the Platform. We will likewise not be subject for the activities of outsiders.
  • We don't speak to or guarantee that the data accessible on the Platform will be right, precise or in any case solid.
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