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Natukodi Chicken (Skinless)

Natukodi Chicken (Skinless) 240/500gms


Natukodi (With Skin)

Natukodi (With Skin) 210/500gms


Buy fresh raw Natukodi meat online from Meatcircle, which is grown on farms and fed with natural agricultural manufacture like grains, maize and soybean, our country chickens have the next organic process worth and area unit a healthier various to broiler chicken. This additionally helps in developing the quality of the meat’s flavor, giving it a beautiful, rich taste. Ideal for:An evergreen cut, you will create something from Chettinadu, Mughlai, Punjabi, Tandoori to Chinese, with our Natukodi curry cut. Tip: because the meat of country chicken is tougher than the broiler because of further exercise, marinating is usually recommended to create the meat soft and tender.