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Beef with Bone and Boneless

Beef with Bone and Boneless 150/500gms


Beef Boneless

Beef Boneless 160/500gms


Beef Kheema

Beef Kheema 165/500gms


Beef Brain (Pre order for Next day Delivery)

Beef Brain (Pre order for Next day Delivery) 100/500gms


Beef Chops (RibEye Bone)

Beef Chops (RibEye Bone) 140/500gms


Beef Slice Cut (Boneless)

Beef Slice Cut (Boneless) 150/500gms


Appeared by means of many as the most flavoursome steak reduce due to the marbling of the fats inside the middle seam. Nice cooked panfried, char-grilled or on the bbq. A excessive great of beef with a big muscle content material. Incredible for portioning or gradual roasting as an excellent carvery. Very succulent and complete of flavour. Porterhouse is a lean reduce from the striploin with a thin pinnacle strip of fat for added taste. Panfry on a excessive warmth to seal inside the juices. Meatcircle is an Online raw fresh beef meat home delivery service which selects from top exceptional black angas cattle turning in a juicy, gentle and succulent steak. A completely gentle cut yet packing a respectable amount of lovely beefy flavour. Truely roast, char-grill, panfry, or bbq. The bone ensures a fair cooking process, preventing the steak from shrinking or drying out. A totally versatile reduce with an severe beefy flavour that is magical with powerful marinades and flavoursome rubs. A great grilling or bbq/griddle pan steak. Taken into consideration by way of some to be the satisfactory cut due to its dazzling flavour. Satisfactory complete roasted, or barbequed complete. Can be reduce throughout the grain for portioned steaks, or thinly sliced for a red meat stir fry. A totally lean cut perfectly suited for reducing into medallions, and fast cooking. Can be cut into slices for stir-frys and most usually used for pork wellingtons or fillet mignons.Buy fresh raw beef meat online from meatcircle and get fresh beef meat at your doorstep.